racheldaniels24 (racheldaniels24) wrote in pantyxchange,

Used & Dirty Panties


I'm Rachel Daniels and I want you to buy my dirty wet panties. I know why your looking on here because you want to lick, sniff and rub you cock with them. My clit pulses at the thought of you sniffing them, taking in my dirty sent.

All panties are worn for 48 hour unless there has been a special request made. I make sure they are covered in my pussy juice, making them extra sticky by playing with myself, making sure there as wet as can be.

I have a huge selection of panties, stockings, tights and used dirty toys which are all for sale. If you have any special requests get in contact. I'm a real naughty girl.

Services & Prices

Underwear - 48 hours & played in - £15
Underwear - 48 hours & played in & squirted in - £20
Underwear - 48 hours & played in & pissed in - £20
Underwear - 48 hours & played in & stuffed inside in for 24 hours - £20

Photos - per photo - £3

Tights - 48 hours - £10
Stockings - 48 hours - £10

Cum lollies - 2 supplied - £5

Payment only accepted via paypal. Payment is required before items are sent, all sent 1st class Royal Mail, get them to you as fast as possible and make your dirty dreams come true.

Contact me to make an order or if you have any questions


Hope to hear from you soon,

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